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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 16, "Unexpected"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 20, 2007 at 11:09AM

This week on "Heroes," a new hero appeared! Well, Hana/Samantha/Wireless is not so new if you've been geeking out with the Primatech website and receiving clues via text message and email, as I have. Even if you haven't, you can still check out her website and get caught up on her background. It looks like she and Ted-the-radioactive-guy are starting a revolution.

Here are the other goings-on in this week's episode:

  • Claire's adoptive mom, Mrs. Bennet, is suffering from headaches and memory loss. When she collapses, Claire, in all her infinite wisdom, tells the doctor that a guy erased her mom's memories by touching her head. Naturally, Doc doesn't believe her. Claire is surly and bitter toward her father when he arrives — it looks like the happy cheerleader has discovered teen angst.
  • Mr. Bennet visits Isaac and, assuming Peter will show up at Isaac's studio, gives him a gun and tells him to "Save the world."

For more highlights - and spoilers! -

  • Hana explains to Ted that Mr. Bennet used pneumatic needles to inject radio isotopes in all the heroes. Perhaps it's true, then, that heroes are not born ... they're made.
  • Sylar, acting like the Zane Mohinder thinks he is, tells Mohinder, "I believe in fate, Mohinder, and karma, and I’m not just saying that because you’re Indian."
  • Claire lashes out at Mr. Bennet, revealing that she knows about the Haitian memory erasing. Mr. Bennet strokes her hair, calls her Claire Bear, and I'm suddenly afraid he's going to kiss her. He is that much of a weirdo.

  • Strangely, despite Hiro being able to slow down time and stop the bullet from hitting him, he doesn't get all overexcited about how special he is like he usually does.
  • Mohinder says he’s working on an inhibitor "to offer these people understanding, control, or even elimination of the ability."
  • Ted calls Parkman and they meet in a graveyard, I suppose so Ted can't make anyone more dead than they already are. Hana shows Parkman the pneumatic needle, and Ted asks Parkman to help them read Mr. Bennet's mind and learn the truth. Hana stands guard with the needle; if anyone crosses her she will totally isotope their ass.
  • When Peter points out to the Invisible Man that he hates everyone but treats his pigeons "like family," Invisible Man responds with this non-answer: "Charles Darwin bred pigeons when he was working out his theory of evolution. Married up various permutations to get maximum potential."
  • Sylar creeps up on Dale, the Montana lady with super hearing. She asks what "that sound" is in his heartbeat, and - cue the skin crawl - he replies, gravelly, "Murder."
  • Peter is starting to really get on my nerves. Scowling and trying to make his voice harsh, he reminds me of an adolescent struggling to make it through acting camp. Mr. Bennet and the Haitian taser the Invisible Man, but when they go to shoot Peter, he stops the bullets. Then Peter flies off into the night with the Man on his back. So apparently he's learning how to harness his powers. But when the Invisible Man wakes up, he freaks out and leaves.
  • You probably thought Ando was going to die during the shoot-out scene, huh? I did, too. But Ando, who appears to be dumb as rocks, is not dead yet. He and Hiro part ways, however, saluting each other with the saddest Star Trek "V"s ever.
  • Parkman and Ted enter the Bennets' house, and Parkman holds all four of them at gunpoint. It's nice to see Mr. Bennet squirm.
  • It is so satisfying to see Sylar writhe from the too-loud sounds he now hears, having acquired Dale's hearing. If we were schoolchildren, I would taunt him: "Sylar's eaten too many brains! Sylar's eaten too many brains!"
  • When Isaac pulls out his save-the-world gun, Peter makes himself invisible, like a weenie. When Isaac sees someone he thinks is Peter, he fires, only to strike Simone instead. Suddenly Peter reappears, and the two men cradle Simone as she dies.
  • How can we reference the show title? Let me count the ways...
    "Look, if we can save ourselves, we can save others. We could be heroes!" -Ted

    "I would never know what it is to be a hero." -Ando, fancying himself one

    "With just one bullet I can be a hero." -Isaac, threatening Peter

    "You're not a hero, Isaac. You're a junkie." -Peter
    Heavy handed much?


"Heroes" Recap: Episode 15, "Run!"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 13, 2007 at 9:50AM

This week's "Heroes" included plenty of family drama (including Claire's "You're not my real dad!"), a dual personality argument without the help of a mirror, and some evil Sylar-ific antics. All in all, it was a satisfying Monday night. For my highlights, read on:

  • First things first, is anyone else unbearably attracted to Mohinder? It’s starting to distract me from my work. Anyway.
  • Jessica is dominating the twins' life right now, but she can't escape the worried looks she gets from Niki in every mirror. When she sees Niki reflected in a vase, tiny Niki shakes her head in distress, and I half-expected to hear a little mini-voice saying: "No fair! Let me out, you big meanie!"

More thoughts and highlights — and spoilers — if you

  • Seeing as he has an important election coming up in two weeks, Nathan is willing to throw $100,000 at Claire's mother to keep her quiet about the whole baby-out-of-wedlock thing. His own mother's response? “You’re a glorified sperm donor; don’t get emotional.” She makes a good mother-of-the-politician.
  • Isn't it so nice for Matt Parkman that everyone's thoughts are always nice and complete? Pretty good grammar, too! It makes mind-reading much easier, huh?

  • Arriving in Las Vegas, Hiro imparts more of his wisdom on Ando: “More than anything, a hero must have hope.” They immediately meet a crying woman named Hope. Ando agrees to get her bag back from her mean old boyfriend, and Hope offers to help them find Linderman. Hiro and Ando sneak into the boyfriend's hotel room with the help of a room service cart; Ando locking Hiro outside and then getting trapped underneath the bed was like some kind of old timey comedy show.
  • Another hero on Mohinder's list, Zane Taylor, contacts Mohinder looking for help. But Sylar gets to Zane first and takes his powers. When Mohinder comes by looking for Zane, Sylar pretends to be him — Ramones t-shirt and all.
  • Claire wants to meet with her real dad, Nathan, hoping his money and power could help her adoptive mom, who is steadily going insane thanks to years of Haitian memory erasing. Claire's real mother (this is getting confusing) says not to expect much more than cash from Nathan because "he’ll just disappoint you.” Then, that fiery liar tells Claire her father wants to give them $50,000, half of which is Claire’s! She says she’s going to Mexico and probably won’t see Claire for a while. Question: Why is she still running away?
  • Mr. Malsky, who Parkman was hired to protect, stole the $2 million that D.L. meant for Linderman to get Jessica/Niki off the hook. So Jessica's all about killing Malsky. Too bad for her she thinks out her murderous plans in very clear, specific terms that Parkman "hears."
  • Niki comes out of the mirror! Man, that must feel good. So Jessica finds herself conversing with a twin version of herself - not just a reflection. Can Jessica/Niki actually be two different people, or did Parkman just hear Jessica talking to herself?
  • Hiro comes upon Hope talking on the phone, saying she got "two Chinese guys" to help her get the bag back. Then she says, “I love you too, Leo,” before hanging up. Angry Hiro says “You are bad person,” but it sounds a lot like “You are butt person.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, Hiro.
  • Nathan goes to give Claire's mother the money. He learns Claire's not there, and says, "I should be getting back to my family.” Ouch. Good thing Claire stuck around to hear that! When she throws a rock at Nathan's car, he actually seems sad.
  • Hope locks Hiro in a closet, and a man from the State Gaming Commission finds him. So Hiro does the Star Trek “V” with his hand, saying, “I come in peace.” Of course, after having George Takei on the show, they had to work in a Star Trek reference.
  • Jessica’s new target is Nathan Petrelli. Between she and Sylar, the heroes are in danger of extinction, just like the manatee.
  • Sylar asks Mohinder, “Are you familiar with Abraham Maslow, 'The Peak Experience?' The single moment that takes you out of yourself, makes you feel very tiny or very large. Makes you feel one with life, or nature, or God. Like seeing all the pieces of a puzzle fit together." Hopefully, this is foreshadowing for "Heroes" viewers?
  • The power that Sylar acquired when he killed Zane Taylor was the ability to liquefy metals. Sylar offers to help Mohinder reach the people on the List, and Mohinder readily agrees.
  • Finally, this whole whispering thing has got to stop. First it was “Save the cheerleader, save the world;” now it’s “Someone flies, someone dies!” I'm excited for next week's episode, though if the person who flies is Nathan (duh) and the one who dies is Mr. Muggles, I will swear off "Heroes"... for a whole six days!

TV Tonight: "Heroes" — Plus New Secret Info!

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 12, 2007 at 2:32PM

On tonight's "Heroes," Claire's adoptive mother faces a crisis, and the truth about Claire's real father is revealed. Matt Parkman gets a new job as a bodyguard, while Hiro and Ando reach Las Vegas but are distracted from their mission to find the sword. Mohinder locates another person on the List, and Simone turns to an unlikely ally in her search for Peter.

That's what will be on TV, but elsewhere, there's a lot of new insider "Heroes" information bubbling up. A huge shout-out is in order for Buzz reader and fellow "Heroes" nerd Butrfly4404, who went to the website for the fake paper company, Primatech, where Mr. Bennet (a.k.a. HRG, for Horn-Rimmed Glasses) supposedly works. By "applying" for a job on the site, you can gain access to an intriguing world of "secret" information, including details on a new hero! To learn more,

By filling out the application under the "Jobs" section of the site, the so-called paper company will send you emails. In addition, you will be "contacted" by another person with special abilities, Hana Gitelman, who has her own website.

Using her clues, you can go to the Primatech website and access the company's secret files. There are profiles for four people, three of which we can access: Hana, Sylar, and Ted, the radioactive guy. In her file, there is a photo of Hana and information about her power, which is to "intercept, generate and interpret electronic wireless transmissions." Thus, her alias is "Wireless."

Mr. Bennet/Primatech Paper made her believe she was working for the CIA and sent her to Tanzania to "intercept data on DNA alteration from Dr. Henry Strauss." She completed the mission but was then captured by the U.S. Embassy, surprised to learn that she was not, in fact, working for the CIA. She created the website as a way to reach out to others like her. She is suspicious of Mr. Bennet and thinks he is "either finding or building" people like her. She wants to put together a team of other heroes, though she knows not to trust Sylar. Hana has met Ted and says that he thinks Mr. Bennet caused his condition.

On her website, Hana provides this tidbit:

"I traced a package to that Primatech Paper Company. It was for a pneumatic isotope injector. Please tell me why a paper company needs that?"

Apparently, Ted is figuring out more about the pneumatic isotope injector now. She adds, "He’s gonna be useful. I have a plan and he’s going to be part of it. But we need one more."

Who do you think the "one more" will be?!

Furthermore, under "Important Messages" at the top, it says this:
"Text HANA to 46622, I'll be listening."

So, I texted the word "HANA" to that number (why has this show turned me into the biggest geek ever?!), and I got a message back, supposedly from Hana. You should try it.

In the meantime, let's discuss: What does it all mean? Will Hana show up on the show? Are there any other clues that we can examine, or do you think there will be more clues in tonight's episode? And what is a "pneumatic isotope injector," anyway?

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 14, "Distractions"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 6, 2007 at 11:03AM

I love "Heroes," but it sure borders on silly sometimes. Mostly I'm talking about how Hiro's dad was made out to be some kind of crazed mob boss. When Hiro and Ando were driven to a deserted Long Island port in an unmarked van, I thought for sure one of them would be swimming with the fishes (er, whatever the saying might be in Japanese). But really, dad just wants Hiro to return to the family business in Tokyo.

But more on that later, along with the big revelation about Claire's dad. The episode starts, yet again, with Peter. Invisible Man says that right now Peter’s power is a reflex, not a conscious effort, and Peter is holding back because he's worried about what people think of him when really, everyone is the same: "selfish, deceitful, and gassy.” When Peter insists Simone isn’t like that, Invisible Man suggests they go spy on her to find out if that's true.

Niki's psychologist encourages Jessica to come out, so Jessica appears, breaks out of her chains, and mangles the psychologist. When Niki comes to, she remembers nothing of the incident and is thrown back into a cell. One of Linderman's men enters, saying she is free to go home because a man on death row confessed to everything. Niki worries that now she is indebted to Linderman, but the man tells her not to worry about that now. Back at home, Jessica is dominant again, and has apparently trapped Niki inside the mirror, which was an image that made me burst out laughing.

To find out what's happening with the other heroes,

Claire's adopted mom agrees to let Claire skip school to go to the aquarium for her school project, but really, Claire visits her real mother. Outside mom's trailer, Claire wonders what to say: "Hi, I’m your daughter, I can re-grow my kidney?" Inside, Claire's mother says it was a miracle Claire survived the fire as an infant. Claire shows her mother her ability by slicing her arm with a kitchen knife and watching as the wound disappears. “Some family," her mother says, then she extends her arm and opens her palm, causing fire to flare up from it. Claire asks about her father, but her mother says it's complicated and gives Claire her necklace from Mexico. Later, we see Claire's mom call Claire's dad, who is none other than .. Nathan Petrelli!

Sylar, having come back to life, traps Mr. Bennet in his cell and sets out on his sinister mission to find Claire. At the Bennets' house, he runs into Mrs. Bennet, adopts a Southern accent, and claims to be from the paper company. In a funny moment, we almost learn Mr. Bennet's real identity when Mrs. Bennet says, "It is so funny how all y'all over there call him Mr. Bennet. I’ve always known him as – ooh, stop that, you!" and chides her little dog for chewing on Sylar’s shoelaces. Sylar creepily says he's special, just like Claire: “It’s a shame I’ll have to kill her."

Just then, Mr. Bennet busts in shooting. Sylar gets shot, but somehow runs out the door and the Haitian rushes after him. The Haitian comes back empty-handed, and then erases Mrs. Bennet's memory. When Claire gets home, Mrs. Bennet is angry, as she doesn't remember having agreed to let Claire go to the aquarium. She seems to be having trouble with her head, and it looks like so much Haitian memory erasing is starting to take a toll on her. Claire sees a shard of glass and knows something went down.

Like I mentioned before, the Hiro storyline is simpler the dark, dangerous set up we were given last week. Hiro wants to follow what he think is his destiny — saving the world — but Hiro's father wants to make him Executive Vice President of the family company, so he will stop shaming the family, and he tears up the painting that Hiro planned to bring to Linderman. Meanwhile, Hiro's sister is fully capable of taking over the company, and apparently, all it takes is a 30-second argument to make her father reverse years of patriarchal thinking and make her EVP.

Simone goes to see Isaac in his studio, hoping his paintings will help her find Peter. Isaac tells Simone to stay away from Peter, knowing Peter is supposed to blow up New York. He paints himself and Simone on a rooftop, holding hands, and that's where they end up. She tells him that he doesn't just paint the future; he makes the future. Then they hug.

Peter, invisible with Invisible Man, watches this angrily. Invisible Man is smug, having proven that Simone is just as selfish as any other human. Peter yells at him and the Invisible Man grins as he pushes Peter off the building, trying to make him fly. Instead, Peter falls onto a cab and something slices through his chest. He regenerates and realizes that he was thinking of Claire just before he hit the cab. He tells Invisible Man that he shouldn't forget the people he cares about, because by remembering them, he can retain their powers. Then he starts to short-circuit, and it looks like he's going to explode, so Invisible Man punches him out.

Isaac paints Peter next to the cab and realizes that Peter has been around the whole time, just invisible. He calls Mr. Bennet and tells him this. Mr. Bennet says that means someone isn't dead who was supposed to be dead - the Invisible Man.

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 13, "The Fix"

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 30, 2007 at 11:07AM

This week's episode of "Heroes" revolved around parent-child relationships: Two of the heroes' parents are revealed, one hero is going to have a baby, and we learn more about Micah's power.

The episode starts off where last week's ended: The invisible man is choking Peter Petrelli, amazed and angry that Peter can see him. Peter pleads with him, saying the city’s in danger, to which invisible guy replies, “Then you better leave town.” Peter wants to learn how to control his ability, but the invisible man says he can’t teach him anything.

Next, we see Niki wake up in her padded cell. A psychiatrist named Dr. Witherson thinks Niki has multiple personality disorder and says she can help. Niki is reluctant at first but ultimately agrees to work with the psychiatrist for her son Micah's sake. Dr. Witherson says she'll need to speak with Jessica in order for anything to work. To find out what happens with Micah and the other characters,

Micah observes D.L. struggling to pay the rent, so he finds an ATM machine, puts his hand on it, and coaxes money out. In an earlier episode, Micah brought an out-of-order pay phone back into operation, so it looks like he has the power to manipulate machinery. Addressing an astonished D.L., he says with a winning grin: “You know how you and mom have a secret? Well ... I have a secret too.”

Meanwhile, mind-reader Matt Parkman and his wife Janice are getting along as she starts to believe in his power. The police department holds a review hearing to discuss Parkman's odd behavior, including his insistence that he can read minds. Parkman lies and says he made it all up, and they suspend him for 6 months. When he gets home, Janice “thinks” the news of her pregnancy to him, and there is much rejoicing. A new little half-hero!

Sylar, strapped to a bed, appears to be dying. Mr. Bennet, however, won't have it, instructing the scientist guy to keep bringing him back. "When he dies it’ll be on my terms, not his,” Mr. Bennet says in his creepy way.

Hiro and Ando, picking up their rental car, are chased by thugs who catch up with them and grab Ando. Hiro tells them to release the “un-special Ando,” but instead, they take the both of them. Once in the van, a man says in Japanese that he believes Hiro has a power, but then states, “I work for someone who has true power. A man who knows what you’re up to and wants you to stop.” They arrive at some dark and sketchy place and Hiro assures Ando that he will never betray him. The van door opens to reveal... Hiro’s father (George Takei)!

Nathan Petrelli pays a visit to Mohinder, and they establish that they need to find Peter. Mohinder says, “Peter’s DNA allows for a blend, like colors in a mosaic,” meaning Peter has the ability to mimic those powers around him. Nathan wants Mohinder to alter Peter's gene, and Mohinder wants to study Peter, saying he is the most important person on the List.

They find Peter at the apartment, but he runs out the door. Nathan and Mohinder think he’s flown aways, so they leave, but we see that the invisible man has caught Peter and the two are invisible together. The invisible man says he can help Peter control his abilities, but it’ll be hard. Peter asks how many people he's taught before and the man doesn’t answer.

Claire and Zach try unsuccessfully to find some dirt on Mr. Bennet. When Mr. Bennet comes in they pretend to be biology partners studying the manatee. Claire hangs up some wind chimes outside her window as a signal to the Haitian that she has an emergency. She meets up with the Haitian and asks him if he knows who her real parents are. He says he knows nothing of her father and that her mother died in an explosion 14 years ago.

Claire and Zach find an old newspaper record about an apartment fire in Kermit, TX, in which 21-year-old Meredith Gordon and her 18-month-old daughter died. Claire says innocently to her dad, “Did you know that all three varieties of manatee are vulnerable to extinction?” which seems to refer to how the heroes might be in danger of extinction. Mr. Bennet says he’ll always be there for her, then notices the wind chimes and stiffens. Phoning all the Gordons in Kermit, Claire eventually finds her birth mother, who light a cigarette by causing fire to jump from her fingertips.

Mrs. Bennet tells her husband that Lyle has been very absent-minded lately. Just then, Mr. Bennet learns that Sylar is dead. As the scientist guy prepares Sylar's body "for shipping," Sylar opens his eyes. Mr. Bennet goes to Sylar's cell and finds him alive, calmly asking, “How’s Claire?”

I can't wait for next week when we learn more about Hiro's dad, Claire's mom, and Claire's "daddy." In the meantime, what did you think of this week's "Heroes"?

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 12, "Godsend"

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 23, 2007 at 11:35AM

After a long hiatus, "Heroes" is back! (To get up to speed, check out my recap of the season so far.) Last night's episode, "Godsend," begins two weeks after Peter Petrelli had his vision and subsequent collapse. Now he lies in a Manhattan hospital bed, apparently still having visions, while Nathan demands Simone take him to view Isaac's paintings: "I want to see what's worth all this." The two go to the studio to find Isaac, who says he can paint without the drugs now and that he still loves Simone.

One of Mr. Linderman's men shows up at D.L.'s house to retrieve the $2 million, and D.L. asks if the charges against him have now been dropped. The man says Niki's confession took care of most of that. As for the other stuff, he says D.L. is a free man but still in debt to Linderman. To find out what's up with the other heroes,

In jail, Niki's alter-ego Jessica is combative and dangerous, and the D.A. plans to seek the death penalty for Niki. During a visit, Niki tells D.L. that it was right of him to give back the $2 million. When a guard goes to beat her with the club, she breaks it in half. Because she's still Niki, she's shocked at her strength. In the end, she's in a straitjacket and someone gives her a shot. As Niki, she calls on God for help, and then Jessica takes over, saying, "Who needs God when you have me?"

Claire lies to her father, saying she doesn't remember anything about witnessing Jackie's murder. He calls that a "blessing," thinking her memories have been erased by the Haitian.

In her meeting with the Haitian man, she mulls, "Save the cheerleader, save the world. What does that even mean?" The Haitian tells Claire that her real parents work for Mr. Bennet. The Haitian's "gift" is erasing memories, but, unfortunately for her friend Zach, he can't give memories back. Claire desperately wants Zach to help her make more videos, "so I never forget what I am, no matter what happens to me." She starts all over again with Zach videotaping her doing the crazy death-defying stunts.

Mr. Bennet observes a catatonic Sylar, crumpled on the floor. "Not so dangerous anymore are we, Mr. Sylar?" The team of scientists is running all sorts of tests, finding little more than telekinesis. Mr. Bennet says to dig deeper. Based on Matt Parkman's hunch that Mr. Bennet is keeping Sylar in a paper factory, he has a SWAT team sweep the place. The team finds nothing, however, and Parkman's credibility is doubted. Parkman encounters Mr. Bennet and says he's going to figure out how he is pulling everything off. Parkman goes home and tells his wife of his power to read minds. She's skeptical, so he challenges her to think of a number between 1 and a million.

Hiro and Ando visit the Museum of Natural History to find the sword Hiro is wielding in Isaac's painting. Ando points out that the bomb is going off on Nov. 8 and that they only have three weeks. Hiro thinks the sword will restore his powers, but when he pulls the "sword" from its sheath, he finds a short wooden stick with a label that reads "Replica, courtesy of the Linderman Group." Hiro and Ando then go to Isaac's studio, where Simone tells Hiro that Linderman is one of her art clients, and she can get Hiro in to see him in Vegas.

Mohinder Suresh explains to a detective that his father was a geneticist, that "all the people on the List share a unique genetic markup that he was able to map and track using the Human Genome Project." He wants to warn each of them about Sylar. The detective informs Mohinder that Eden was really named Sarah Ellis and was on the List but recently found dead.

Mr. Bennet visits Mohinder, asking him to hand over the List: "You've no doubt realized things can go terribly wrong with these abilities. If you work with me, we can control that...Together we could actually make a difference." Mohinder says he's going to warn everyone on the List, and Mr. Bennet hands him a business card that says www.PrimatechPaper.com, 1-800-PRIMA16.

In the Nevada desert, a house glows from within, and Ted the radioactive guy sits inside. He tests out his powers, making his hands glow bright and fiery.

Back in the hospital, Peter is still having visions in which he says "I took his power, Nathan, I can't control it," then he glows red and explodes. In real life, Peter awakens from his coma, screaming. Peter is on the phone getting a flight to Las Vegas when he sees something from his vision: a scruffy man who has taken a wallet and is counting out the money. In Peter's apocalyptic vision, this man is laughing just before Peter explodes. Peter shouts to him, and the man attacks Peter, saying, "Nobody sees me! I'm invisible." Peter, having taken on guy's power, is also invisible as the man tries to throttle him.

Tune in next Monday at 9 p.m. to find out what happens next!

Photos courtesy of NBC

What Did You Think of This Week's "Heroes"?

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 22, 2007 at 10:34PM

This first episode of "Heroes" after the hiatus was really exciting: Hiro finds inspiration in Isaac's "Hiro vs. T-Rex" painting, Nathan turns to Simone for help with a comatose Peter, Jessica and Niki struggle with prison life, and so much more. Plus, a new hero has joined the crew! I'll post my recap tomorrow, but I know many of you "Heroes" fans were also watching, so tell me: what did you think of "Godsend"?

TV Tonight: New "Heroes"

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 22, 2007 at 6:00AM

The long wait for new "Heroes" episodes is almost over! Tonight, the season resumes with Episode 12, "Godsend," in which Mr. Bennet, referring to Chandra Suresh's list of superpower-people, asserts, "Who's on that list is a matter of grave importance." Well... duh!

If you've missed anything or need a refresher, check out my season recap. Also, NBC is still offering all of the episodes online, as well as two-minute replays and several one-minute clips of "Godsend." I cannot wait for tonight's episode, so tune in for my recap on Tuesday. Also, fans of the show can head over to my group, Addicted to "Heroes," to discuss.

To see a preview of tonight's show,


Season Recap: "Heroes"

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 2, 2007 at 9:33AM

"Heroes" is one of the best new shows on TV, and I'm very excited for the new episodes on Jan. 22! Whether you’re itching to read about your favorite characters or you’ve decided to pick up the series mid-season, check out my recap of the first ten episodes. Also, fans of the show can head over to my group, Addicted to "Heroes," to discuss!

The show centers around the work of Chandra Suresh, a geneticist determined to figure out how some people with certain genetic abnormalities are capable of superhuman powers. In his research he encounters Sylar, desperate to be extraordinary, and when Sylar finds out he isn’t, he goes about these killing these super-humans and opening up their heads. His exact tactics are unclear, but he is then able to “consume” their powers. Sylar kills Chandra and continues on his rampage to acquire every possible superhuman ability. Chandra’s son, Mohinder, begins piecing together the bits of the puzzle that was his father's work.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet has been studying extraordinary people as well, and even adopted one of them, his daughter Claire. He is intent on obtaining Chandra’s well-hidden list of superhumans and removing Claire from that list so she can live a relatively normal life. Yet there is something sinister about Mr. Bennet, too. For example, what is his relationship with the quiet Haitian man who can erase people's memories? Who are the people who go over Mr. Bennet’s house to meet their “biological daughter,” Claire? Why does he kidnap so many of these “special people” and keep some of them in his creepy hospital-like place?

There’s too much mystery surrounding Mr. Bennet’s character, so to move on to the main heroes in the show,

Claire is the blond, teenage cheerleader whose life is central to “saving the world.” Her power is that she can heal herself within seconds, however mutilated, beat up, or scarred she might get. When Claire saves a man from a burning building, her cheerleader friend Jackie takes all the credit and basks in the attention. Thus, when Sylar comes looking for the superhuman cheerleader, he kills Jackie. At the end of the Episode 10, the Haitian man goes to Claire’s house to erase her memory, but instead asks if Claire can keep a secret.

Isaac Mendez
Isaac’s power is that he can paint scenes of future events before they happen, yet he thinks he can only do this when he’s high on drugs. He doesn’t want to get off drugs, having painted a catastrophic vision of New York being bombed in the future. He wants to paint more in order to figure out how to prevent the events from occurring. With time, he discovers that he can paint the future scenes even when he is sober.

Good natured Hiro, the Japanese businessman, can bend time and space. Thus, he can travel back in time to change the outcome of situations, making him able to save lives or put a winning poker hand in his friend’s hands. Hiro takes his superpower very seriously, believing there are grave responsibilities that go along with the powers. He falls in love with a Southern waitress named Charlie who has the power to memorize things quickly, though when Sylar kills her, Hiro learns that he is not always able to go back to the specific time and place he needs to go to in order to save people. In the final of the ten episodes, Isaac has painted a prophetic image of Hiro facing a dinosaur and wielding a large sword.

Niki is the harried single mother to Micah, wife of D.L., and twin sister of Jessica, who died at age 12, possibly by the hand of Niki and Jessica’s dad. Niki was selling naughty video footage of herself online and trying to make ends meet. She gets down with her bad self, however, when her violent alter ego emerges who is either the spirit of Jessica, or a second personality whom Niki has simply named Jessica. Jessica has superhuman strength and no qualms whatsoever about killing people or ruining lives. When Niki’s ex-husband D.L. runs off with their son Micah, Jessica takes charge, intending to hunt D.L. down and get Micah back. D.L., however, also has a power, and Jessica’s plan goes awry. When Niki regains control of her mind, she deems herself too dangerous and asks a police officer to arrest her.

D.L. can put himself through things, such as walls or even people, and objects can pass through him, but he must concentrate in order to do it. Thus, Jessica bought the crazy sniper gun saying “he can’t see it coming,” because if he did the bullets would simply go through him, doing no damage.
Micah also seems to have a power, though it hasn’t been explained completely; in one scene, Micah touches an out-of-order phone and suddenly there is a dial tone.

Nathan Petrelli
NYC politician and older brother to Peter, Nathan feels the constant need to succeed and, on top of that, he can fly. Usually he can control his power, but it seems that when under stress, the flight just happens to him. This comes in handy when Mr. Bennet and his Haitian crony try to capture him, though it worked against him when he was in a car crash with his wife: He flew upwards and avoided the crash while the car smashed to bits, causing Nathan’s wife Heidi to be wheelchair-bound. Nathan’s guilt has created a great divide between he and his wife, and he ends up having an affair with Niki/Jessica.

Peter Petrelli
Peter can’t ever seem to fill his older brother Nathan’s shoes and is ridiculed for being a hospice nurse. Peter can take on the abilities of whichever superhero he’s around: flying with Nathan, healing himself when with Claire, and painting the future in Isaac’s studio. He is fascinated with the idea of having superpowers, and eagerly reads up on Chandra’s theories. In one episode, Peter is visited by a mature and somber Hiro from the future, who warns Peter to “save the cheerleader, save the world.” This causes much confusion as Peter tries to figure out with the clueless present-day Hiro what the future Hiro might mean. He is convinced that he needs to prevent the bomb of Isaac’s premonition painting from hitting New York. In the last of these episodes, Peter has a dream/vision of the apocalyptic day in New York when everyone looks at him with dread and runs from him. Then his body glows red and explodes. He wakes up terrified, muttering to Nathan about it being “all his fault” before his breath stops.

The great influencer, Eden has the power to mentally force people to do things, taking over their will so it looks like they are acting of their own volition. Mr. Bennet convinces her to help him with his quest to get at Chandra’s work. Eden uses Mohinder to get access to Chandra’s office, though she also develops real feelings for Mohinder. In the last episode, she tries to mentally force Sylar to kill himself, but he grabs her and tells her he’ll consume her power as well. To avoid this, Eden shoots herself in the head.

Matt Parkman
Everyday cop Matt Parkman has failed the test to become a detective three times due to dyslexia. He feels low about himself in his marriage and at work until one day when he is able to locate a hidden little girl by hearing her thoughts. His power to read minds earns him a promotion to work on the Sylar case, though the power becomes problematic when he hears that his wife has been having an affair with one of his colleagues. Matt also can’t seem to read Claire’s mind, as he only hears static when the Haitian man is around.

Ted’s power is tragic: He is highly radioactive and his radiation levels intensify when he becomes upset. At the hospital where his wife dies of cancer that he caused, he threatens to explode like an atomic bomb. It’s possible that he has something to do with the explosion predicted in Isaac’s painting.