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Buzz Giveaway: Five "Heroes" Grab Bags!

Posted By Entertainment on Oct 3, 2007 at 5:30PM

I'm very excited about tonight's second episode of the "Heroes" season — so excited, in fact, that I've got a very special contest for you BuzzSugar readers. I'm giving away five grab bags stuffed with "Heroes" swag! The bags include:

  • A copy of the second issue of the "Heroes" comic book with the exclusive Comic-Con cover
  • A second copy of the comic book with the exclusive NBC cover
  • A Vote Petrelli campaign pin

To win a copy, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post before 5 p.m. PST Friday, Oct. 5. I'll pick five winners at random from the comments I receive. Please, only ONE comment per person — duplicate comments will be discarded. For Official Rules, click here. Good luck!

Kristen Bell is the Newest Hero

Posted By Entertainment on Aug 20, 2007 at 10:31AM

Take that, "Lost"! Despite rumors that former "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell could be headed to the mysterious island, she's decided to join the cast of "Heroes" instead.

Bell will guest-star in several episodes of the show's second season. According to Variety, she will play Elle, who is described as "a sexy, mysterious young lady" who is connected to Peter's apparent death, Claire's future, and HRG's past. Her first appearance will come in October, when she will commit a serious crime — though it's unclear whether she's good or evil.

The show's creator, Tim Kring, told Variety that landing Bell "was not easy to pull off," but they were able to work out a way to film her arc during a small window in her schedule. Bell also is planning to stick around as the narrator of "Gossip Girl" on the CW.

With all the "Heroes" casting news lately, I've started to lose track of who's who. For a recap of the new additions to the show,

  • Elle — Bell's character, with connections to HRG, Claire and Peter
  • May —the lead cheerleader at Claire's new school, played by Janel Parrish
  • Sophie — "a mysterious woman with powers" played by Jessica Collins
  • Monica — a girl who would "give up everything to help the people around her," played by Dana Davis
  • West — Claire's new boyfriend, played by Nick D'Agosto
  • Maya — a young woman with powers who is fleeing the Dominican Republic when the season begins, played by Dania Ramirez
  • Alejandro — Maya's twin brother, played by Shalim Ortiz.
  • Takezo Kensei — an ancient samurai warrior and Hiro's childhood hero, played by David Anders
  • Detective Fuller — a New York Police Department officer, played by Barry Shabaka Henley
  • Ricky — the ringleader of a group of Irish thugs, played by Holt McCallany
  • April — a "good girl" cheerleader at Claire's new school, played by Lyndsy Fonseca
  • Debbie — a "mean girl" cheerleader at Claire's new school, played by Dianna Agron
  • A Japanese princess — her name is unknown, but she'll be played by Eriko Tamura
  • Monica's grandma — played by guest star Nichelle Nichols



Hints at What's Next on "Heroes"

Posted By Entertainment on Jul 31, 2007 at 6:00AM

The Bennets' new home wasn't the only spot I got to tour on the set of "Heroes" at the TCA press tour. As I wandered through Isaac's studio, Mohinder's apartment, and an Irish pub, cast members — including my tour guides, Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto — delivered a few hints about what's going to happen when season two begins in September. To hear what they had to say,

  • At the start of the season, there will be two parallel time lines: one four months after the outer space explosion that ended the first season and one 400 years before. According to Masi Oka, Hiro is sent back in time, and his story line for "a handful of episodes" will take place in feudal Japan.
  • Dania Ramirez is joining the cast as Maya Herrera, who — according to an NBC press release — is "plagued by a threatening ability" that drives both her and her twin brother (played by Shalim Ortiz) to cross from the Dominican Republic to the United States in search of help. When the season begins, Maya's story will be picked up as she's on the run from the cops in Central America.
  • One of the show's standing sets is an Irish pub, complete with a fire roaring in the hearth and display cases with advertisements for McFarlane ale and McCourt Whiskey. This will most likely tie into the storyline of new cast member Holt McCallany who plays Ricky, the leader of a group of Irish thugs.
  • Is it true that Ali Larter's character, Niki, won't be conjuring her alter ego by looking in mirrors anymore? "I hear that too," Larter said, "but again, you never know with this show." Last season, she said, "we kind of indulged ourselves in being able to explore those two different characters, and now it's time for me to kind of focus on one and the development of my powers." She said Niki's story would be moving away from her family dynamic and become more linked with the larger plot of the show.
  • Speaking of Niki, Leonard Roberts, who plays D.L., wasn't on the panel, and his bio wasn't included in the packet NBC gave reporters. Nonetheless, creator Tim Kring said we shouldn't read too much into that and wouldn't say whether Niki would be a widow next season.
  • Isaac may be dead, but we haven't necessarily seen all we'll see of his artwork. Artist Tim Sale, who created Isaac's paintings, confirmed that he is doing work for season two.
  • In the four episodes the cast had filmed at the time of the set tour, Mohinder had already been in three countries, Sendhil Ramamurthy said. And presumably, none of them are the United States, as he said he's yet to be in a scene with Hayden Panettiere.
  • Hayden, meanwhile, was mum on the subject of Claire's new boyfriend, though she did offer that the whole season would be about "what happens when extraordinary people try to be ordinary."
  • I completely missed this, but some eagle-eyed reporters spotted what looked like a young girl's living space inside the set of Mohinder's apartment. Is that the new home of Molly? Nobody would say for sure.


Inside the Bennets' Home with HRG

Posted By Entertainment on Jul 27, 2007 at 2:30PM

It would have been exciting enough to wander alone through Claire's new home on the "Heroes" set. But it was far better for my tour guide to be Jack Coleman, aka Mr. Bennet, aka HRG. He led a group of reporters through the airy, spacious, well-decorated house during a set visit at the TCA press tour, artfully dodging questions about where exactly we were.

"Let's just say it's not where the old house was," Coleman said.

OK, then. Is it in a different time zone?

"A different time zone is very possible."

A sunny climate?

"You're killing me."

All we know for sure is that the Bennets have indeed relocated since, you know, that whole episode when Ted-the-radioactive-guy kinda ruined the Bennets' Texas home and made Claire's face melt temporarily. The new home, decorated almost entirely in shades of blue, brown and black, has a large triangular window, potted trees in the corners, glass jars of rice and lentils in the kitchen, and a walk-up pathway lined with slightly trampled Astroturf. There are fewer pictures of Mr. Muggles in this house, though Coleman assured us the dog has not been forgotten. And though we're not quite sure what Mr. Bennet's plans are for the season, even Coleman had to admit that the home looks pretty permanent.

One reporter pointed triumphantly at the flowering bougainvillea in the back yard — yes, there was a back yard, complete with patio furniture — as a dead giveaway that the Bennets were in California (and that's what a little bit of casting news indicated to us, too).

"I don't know," Coleman teased back. "We might be in the Mediterranean."


Six More Cast Members Added to "Heroes"!

Posted By Entertainment on Jun 20, 2007 at 11:21AM

On top of the news earlier this week that Claire will be getting a new boyfriend, Hollywood Reporter has revealed six more cast members for the next season of "Heroes," and I have to say, one of them is baffling to me. Take a look at who's climbed aboard the superpowered train:

David Anders
Anders, who you may remember as the unforgivably evil Julian Sark from "Alias," has the most, uh, interesting role of the lot: He'll be playing "the ancient samurai warrior Takezo Kensei, Hiro Nakamura's (Masi Oka) childhood hero." Fans will recall that Hiro has spent quite a lot of time retrieving and then learning how to use Kensei's sword. However (and here's that bafflement), I could be mistaken, but I had always assumed that Kensei was, I don't know... Japanese? Aside from that, I may fall into the problem I have with Ron Rifkin, another former "Alias" villain who is now playing kindly Uncle Saul on "Brothers & Sisters." I keep expecting sweet old Saul to fool Sally Field into giving him the intel and then bomb the Walker household.

To see the other new additions,

Barry Shabaka Henley
Having played Detective Drummer on "Close to Home," Henley is well prepared for his role as Detective Fuller, a member of the New York Police Department.

Eriko Tamura
Currently a pop star in Japan, Tamura will play a Japanese princess on "Heroes."

Holt McCallany
This guy gets to play Ricky, the ringleader of a group of Irish thugs. He'll probably turn out to have some crazy Irish-style superpower... Any guesses?

Lyndsy Fonseca (left) and Dianna Agron (right)

These two will play cheerleaders at the Southern California high school that Claire is now attending. Fonesca will play April, a "good girl," while Argon's character Debbie is "a mean girl." Argon looks somewhat similar to our original beloved cheerleader, doesn't she?

David Anders and Holt McCallany photos Source
All other photos source

TV Tonight: "Heroes" Season Finale!

Posted By Entertainment on May 21, 2007 at 6:02AM

Well, "Heroes" fanatics, the first volume of the superheroes' stories is almost over. This is one time when I'm equal parts anxious to find out what happens in New York (bomb? no bomb? Peter? Sylar? Bueller?), and reluctant to see the season end. The description for this final episode, which is titled "How To Stop an Exploding Man," states: "The everyday people with extraordinary abilities face moments of pain and peril in Kirby Plaza with unflinching heroism, as [the] first volume comes to a close — and the next surprisingly begins." Argh! I'm so excited/sad! To whet your appetite, you can check out two intriguing sneak peeks if you

This clip features Peter, Mr. Bennet and his Claire Bear:

This clip makes me even more intensely curious about Grandma Petrelli's power:


"Heroes" Recap: Episode 21, "The Hard Part"

Posted By Entertainment on May 8, 2007 at 10:53AM

This week's episode of "Heroes" was great. We meet Molly Walker as a "special" person, not just the little girl whose thoughts Parkman "heard" when she was crouching in the closet. We watch Sylar visit with his mother. We endure weird bonding moments between Peter and Claire, who still seem like they are flirting even though he's technically her uncle. And suddenly Mohinder has sexy muttonchops.

There was something lacking in this week's episode, though, and I'm not sure what it was exactly. Let's discuss — amidst the spoilers! — when you

  • Sylar's sudden switcheroo from remorseless evildoer to guilt-ridden, aw-shucks, "just-a-watchmaker" seems really abrupt and strange. He takes one look at the painting he made of the disastrous future and suddenly he's the soft-voiced, only-kinda-disturbed gentleman from the beginning of the season? I totally did not buy that at first, though his interactions with his mom were so heartbreaking I eventually stopped caring about his uncharacteristic 180-degree turn.
  • So, Linderman has been watching the "special" people all their lives. Now, he and his Company have Molly working on finding Sylar, Peter readying to blow up New York, and Nathan set to be the nation's leader after the explosion. I still want to know what Micah has to do with all this.
  • Mohinder and Molly are pretty cute together. I kind of hoped the whole season would end with Mohinder holding up Molly's paper star and Sylar shriveling down to nothing. How cute would that be?
  • Claire has some funny moments this week! When she learns her dad, Nathan can fly she's impressed but just shrugs, looks down and says, "S'cool." Later she insists to Peter that her destiny can't be to shoot him, followed by: "The universe cannot be that lame!"
  • Cruel and heartless though he may be, Sylar has a whole arsenal of awesome tricks now that he's killed so many "special" people. When he turns the sink spray into gently falling snow for his mom who loves snow globes, it's so sweet. Well, until it turns really horrible, anyway.
  • I liked how there was a cartoon shark that looked like it was about to bite into Micah's head behind him while Candace was threatening to ruin him for life. "Heroes" is not often interested in subtle imagery.
  • Hiro and Ando's dude-love comes through again: Just when Hiro is doubting whether he can kill Sylar who "looks so sad," Ando points to the comic book future in which Sylar kills Ando. Armed with new resolve, Hiro goes to kill Sylar, but his efforts are thwarted by that damn ice ability Sylar's enjoying so much.
  • Yeesh! Sylar painting in his mother's blood is uber-gruesome, even for "Heroes." Oh, and just a reminder: Only five more days until Mother's Day!

The episode had some solid moments, but I suppose it lacked some of the "oomph" of last week's episode. What did you think of "The Hard Part"?

Photos courtesy of NBC

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 20, "String Theory"

Posted By Entertainment on May 1, 2007 at 10:58AM

Three words: Best. "Heroes." Ever.

This episode was so action-packed and edge-of-your-seat exciting, I don't know where to begin. So many twists and turns! This all made it especially painful when my DVR-recorded episode ended five minutes before the actual ending, due to NBC's horrible, sneaky, no-good tactic for getting more people to watch "The Real Wedding Crashers" — by having a few minutes of "Heroes" bleed into "Crashers." Thus, if you don't also record "Crashers," the "Heroes" recording just stops and poor schlubs like me are screwed out of seeing the ending. Luckily, I could watch the last bit on NBC.com this morning.

So if you haven't seen the episode, you can catch up by watching it online. If you have, you can check out my racing thoughts if you

  • Firstly, how amazing is Masi Oka? I had to remind myself — and marvel over the fact — that Present-Day Hiro and Future Hiro are played by the same actor. I am infatuated with that man. There, I said it.
  • So... it was Peter who exploded, but Nathan covered it up by saying it was Sylar. Doesn't this mean that Hiro must go back and kill Peter... as well as Sylar? And won't he have to go back to before the Homecoming Dance when Peter absorbed Claire's regenerating power?
  • Matt Parkman has become a jerk. I don't care if his kid is named after him and has to be in a kind of Witness Protection Program. He's a jerk.
  • Why did Niki lose Jessica? And what actually happened to Micah? Last we knew, Linderman thought Micah could save the world.
  • Speaking of Linderman, where was he? One of the news broadcasts said that "special" people were being rounded up and taken in under "The Linderman Act."
  • Nathan seems to have crossed over to the dark side — even when he's not actually Sylar in Nathan form. He's taken to using Linderman's reasoning: "Let's do terrible things so everyone will unite in fear/grief." But what if that backfired and the "special" people united in anger? Oooh, that would make for an even more "X-Men"-y episode.
  • Mohinder — who proves, yet again, to be deliciously awesome when he attacks the Haitian — says the "special" people are like a different species, and that he could not reverse the way they are since it's "hard-coded in their DNA." This "species" thing makes Nathan's idea to destroy them all seem like simple evolution: "one species [being] exterminated for the preservation of another." Yikes.
  • Claire looks really pretty with dark hair.
  • I had to wonder if it was a little tongue-in-cheek when Nathan (er, Sylar), the President of the U.S., says to Claire, "I'm the leader of the free world. For all I know, I’m the most special person in the world."
  • Anyone else grossed-out by Peter and Niki together? Maybe it's because he looks like he's 12 and she looks like she's 45.
  • Hiro and Ando have a lot of man-love between them. Indeed, Peter suggests that Hiro's motive to go back and save the world was really to save Ando. Then, when Hiro needs encouragement the most, Ando says, "I believe in you. I've seen the man that you become. You can do this." I half-expected Hiro to pick up Ando and transport them through time to the tune of "I Will Always Love You."

I don't know how they can possibly do better than this week's episode, but I can't wait to see them try! What did you think about "String Theory"?

Photos courtesy of NBC

"Heroes" Fans: Exploding Man Revealed

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 25, 2007 at 3:15PM

All you "Heroes" fans who watched this week's episode heard Nathan say to Linderman that the "exploding man" in Isaac's painting is Peter, right? Well, I — and the rest of the buzzing Internet — have news for you.

This stuff probably counts as a spoiler so if you'd like to learn more about this revelation,

Earlier today, NBC.com posted the next chapter of the "Heroes" comic book entitled "String Theory" in which the exploding man (or "the bomb") is identified... and it's surprising.

Even better, the TVAddict has a clip from the beginning of next week's episode "Five Years Gone," which features a continuation of Ando and Hiro talking to future Hiro. In this scene the identity of the exploding man is also revealed... and it ain't Peter. Check out the clip — which has some more funny moments with Ando and Hiro — and tell me what you think of all this.

Photo courtesy of NBC

Big Gay Controversy for "Heroes"

Posted By Entertainment on Apr 24, 2007 at 3:31PM

In Claire's story line on "Heroes," her friend Zach has faded into the background along with the rest of her old life in Texas. Zach's absence might have eventually happened regardless, but a tension-filled snafu between actor Thomas Dekker's manager and the writers of "Heroes" certainly sped up his departure from the story.

According to "Heroes" writer Bryan Fuller, Zach was originally supposed to be a gay character, but when Dekker's manager caught wind of this, she believed it would ruin Dekker's chances at an upcoming audition if he played a gay character on TV. To see what else Fuller had to say about the issue,

In the interview with Popgurls.com, Fuller continues:

We were definitely going down a route of making [Zach] the gay character and having him have a big role in [Claire's] life and sort of teaching her to come out about her ability and embrace herself and actually using the coming out metaphor and the gay metaphor in that instance as a fun piece of storytelling.

I was very upset by it – I was not happy about it at all ... we didn't want to get hung up on the fact that one actor's management felt that it was a career killer for him to play a homosexual which, as a gay man, I found incredibly insulting.

We had episodes planned for him to be in, and she pulled him from the show altogether. So that's why he sort of disappeared.

Since characters get killed off or otherwise pushed aside (ahem, Mrs. Bennet) on the show with some frequency, it didn't strike me as particularly weird that Zach had disappeared, but the behind-the-scenes truth proves pretty shocking. It's surprising that this kind of attitude still prevails in Hollywood when it seems like these are the roles managers would jump at to "really stretch" their actors. It's a shame that this one manager's hangups so negatively affected the "Heroes" team, but maybe this just opens up the opportunity to write in a new gay character ... with superpowers.

Photo courtesy of NBC