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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 16, "Unexpected"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 20, 2007 at 11:09AM

This week on "Heroes," a new hero appeared! Well, Hana/Samantha/Wireless is not so new if you've been geeking out with the Primatech website and receiving clues via text message and email, as I have. Even if you haven't, you can still check out her website and get caught up on her background. It looks like she and Ted-the-radioactive-guy are starting a revolution.

Here are the other goings-on in this week's episode:

  • Claire's adoptive mom, Mrs. Bennet, is suffering from headaches and memory loss. When she collapses, Claire, in all her infinite wisdom, tells the doctor that a guy erased her mom's memories by touching her head. Naturally, Doc doesn't believe her. Claire is surly and bitter toward her father when he arrives — it looks like the happy cheerleader has discovered teen angst.
  • Mr. Bennet visits Isaac and, assuming Peter will show up at Isaac's studio, gives him a gun and tells him to "Save the world."

For more highlights - and spoilers! - read more

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 15, "Run!"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 13, 2007 at 9:50AM

This week's "Heroes" included plenty of family drama (including Claire's "You're not my real dad!"), a dual personality argument without the help of a mirror, and some evil Sylar-ific antics. All in all, it was a satisfying Monday night. For my highlights, read on:

  • First things first, is anyone else unbearably attracted to Mohinder? It’s starting to distract me from my work. Anyway.
  • Jessica is dominating the twins' life right now, but she can't escape the worried looks she gets from Niki in every mirror. When she sees Niki reflected in a vase, tiny Niki shakes her head in distress, and I half-expected to hear a little mini-voice saying: "No fair! Let me out, you big meanie!"

More thoughts and highlights — and spoilers — if you read more

TV Tonight: "Heroes" — Plus New Secret Info!

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 12, 2007 at 2:32PM

On tonight's "Heroes," Claire's adoptive mother faces a crisis, and the truth about Claire's real father is revealed. Matt Parkman gets a new job as a bodyguard, while Hiro and Ando reach Las Vegas but are distracted from their mission to find the sword. Mohinder locates another person on the List, and Simone turns to an unlikely ally in her search for Peter.

That's what will be on TV, but elsewhere, there's a lot of new insider "Heroes" information bubbling up. A huge shout-out is in order for Buzz reader and fellow "Heroes" nerd Butrfly4404, who went to the website for the fake paper company, Primatech, where Mr. Bennet (a.k.a. HRG, for Horn-Rimmed Glasses) supposedly works. By "applying" for a job on the site, you can gain access to an intriguing world of "secret" information, including details on a new hero! To learn more, read more

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 14, "Distractions"

Posted By Entertainment on Feb 6, 2007 at 11:03AM

I love "Heroes," but it sure borders on silly sometimes. Mostly I'm talking about how Hiro's dad was made out to be some kind of crazed mob boss. When Hiro and Ando were driven to a deserted Long Island port in an unmarked van, I thought for sure one of them would be swimming with the fishes (er, whatever the saying might be in Japanese). But really, dad just wants Hiro to return to the family business in Tokyo.

But more on that later, along with the big revelation about Claire's dad. The episode starts, yet again, with Peter. Invisible Man says that right now Peter’s power is a reflex, not a conscious effort, and Peter is holding back because he's worried about what people think of him when really, everyone is the same: "selfish, deceitful, and gassy.” When Peter insists Simone isn’t like that, Invisible Man suggests they go spy on her to find out if that's true.

Niki's psychologist encourages Jessica to come out, so Jessica appears, breaks out of her chains, and mangles the psychologist. When Niki comes to, she remembers nothing of the incident and is thrown back into a cell. One of Linderman's men enters, saying she is free to go home because a man on death row confessed to everything. Niki worries that now she is indebted to Linderman, but the man tells her not to worry about that now. Back at home, Jessica is dominant again, and has apparently trapped Niki inside the mirror, which was an image that made me burst out laughing.

To find out what's happening with the other heroes, read more

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 13, "The Fix"

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 30, 2007 at 11:07AM

This week's episode of "Heroes" revolved around parent-child relationships: Two of the heroes' parents are revealed, one hero is going to have a baby, and we learn more about Micah's power.

The episode starts off where last week's ended: The invisible man is choking Peter Petrelli, amazed and angry that Peter can see him. Peter pleads with him, saying the city’s in danger, to which invisible guy replies, “Then you better leave town.” Peter wants to learn how to control his ability, but the invisible man says he can’t teach him anything.

Next, we see Niki wake up in her padded cell. A psychiatrist named Dr. Witherson thinks Niki has multiple personality disorder and says she can help. Niki is reluctant at first but ultimately agrees to work with the psychiatrist for her son Micah's sake. Dr. Witherson says she'll need to speak with Jessica in order for anything to work. To find out what happens with Micah and the other characters, read more

Tons of "Heroes" Extras Online

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 23, 2007 at 12:16PM

If you were as psyched as I was about last night's return of "Heroes,", just wait 'til you see what NBC has for you now. First of all, last night's entire episode, "Godsend," is online with commentary by cast members Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder), Leonard Roberts (D.L.), and Jack Coleman (Mr. Bennet). If commentary isn't your thing, you can also rewatch the episode without it, along with the four episodes before it.

It's all part of what NBC calls its "Heroes" 360 experience. There's an online wiki, expanded profiles and video profiles of each of the heroes, access to the Primatech Paper Company's phone system and Web site, and a special way to access news about "Heroes" on your cell phone. It's pretty overwhelming, but I'm also not sure there's such a thing as too much "Heroes." Check it out and let me know what you think.

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 12, "Godsend"

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 23, 2007 at 11:35AM

After a long hiatus, "Heroes" is back! (To get up to speed, check out my recap of the season so far.) Last night's episode, "Godsend," begins two weeks after Peter Petrelli had his vision and subsequent collapse. Now he lies in a Manhattan hospital bed, apparently still having visions, while Nathan demands Simone take him to view Isaac's paintings: "I want to see what's worth all this." The two go to the studio to find Isaac, who says he can paint without the drugs now and that he still loves Simone.

One of Mr. Linderman's men shows up at D.L.'s house to retrieve the $2 million, and D.L. asks if the charges against him have now been dropped. The man says Niki's confession took care of most of that. As for the other stuff, he says D.L. is a free man but still in debt to Linderman. To find out what's up with the other heroes, read more

What Did You Think of This Week's "Heroes"?

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 22, 2007 at 10:34PM

This first episode of "Heroes" after the hiatus was really exciting: Hiro finds inspiration in Isaac's "Hiro vs. T-Rex" painting, Nathan turns to Simone for help with a comatose Peter, Jessica and Niki struggle with prison life, and so much more. Plus, a new hero has joined the crew! I'll post my recap tomorrow, but I know many of you "Heroes" fans were also watching, so tell me: what did you think of "Godsend"?

TV Tonight: New "Heroes"

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 22, 2007 at 6:00AM

The long wait for new "Heroes" episodes is almost over! Tonight, the season resumes with Episode 12, "Godsend," in which Mr. Bennet, referring to Chandra Suresh's list of superpower-people, asserts, "Who's on that list is a matter of grave importance." Well... duh!

If you've missed anything or need a refresher, check out my season recap. Also, NBC is still offering all of the episodes online, as well as two-minute replays and several one-minute clips of "Godsend." I cannot wait for tonight's episode, so tune in for my recap on Tuesday. Also, fans of the show can head over to my group, Addicted to "Heroes," to discuss.

To see a preview of tonight's show, read more

Season Recap: "Heroes"

Posted By Entertainment on Jan 2, 2007 at 9:33AM

"Heroes" is one of the best new shows on TV, and I'm very excited for the new episodes on Jan. 22! Whether you’re itching to read about your favorite characters or you’ve decided to pick up the series mid-season, check out my recap of the first ten episodes. Also, fans of the show can head over to my group, Addicted to "Heroes," to discuss!

The show centers around the work of Chandra Suresh, a geneticist determined to figure out how some people with certain genetic abnormalities are capable of superhuman powers. In his research he encounters Sylar, desperate to be extraordinary, and when Sylar finds out he isn’t, he goes about these killing these super-humans and opening up their heads. His exact tactics are unclear, but he is then able to “consume” their powers. Sylar kills Chandra and continues on his rampage to acquire every possible superhuman ability. Chandra’s son, Mohinder, begins piecing together the bits of the puzzle that was his father's work.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet has been studying extraordinary people as well, and even adopted one of them, his daughter Claire. He is intent on obtaining Chandra’s well-hidden list of superhumans and removing Claire from that list so she can live a relatively normal life. Yet there is something sinister about Mr. Bennet, too. For example, what is his relationship with the quiet Haitian man who can erase people's memories? Who are the people who go over Mr. Bennet’s house to meet their “biological daughter,” Claire? Why does he kidnap so many of these “special people” and keep some of them in his creepy hospital-like place?

There’s too much mystery surrounding Mr. Bennet’s character, so to move on to the main heroes in the show, read more